A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


July 12, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Sunday ended up being a fairly lazy day. One of the contractors we’ve been talking to came up to see the land. We had previously sent him various documents describing the desired house floor plans and specs but we still don’t have them concise enough so people can just tell what we want. So this meeting was also to hand wave over them. The good news is that this guy is pretty well in tune with what we want unlike some of the other people we’ve talked to.

We also had a cookout with our first local corn of the season. It was just that sort of day that begged to sit outside and enjoy it. Then our land lady got back from the aerobatic competition they’d been at for the weekend. And a little bit later out landlord buzzed the house on the way back to his hangar. There is just something cool about watching him wave his airplane at us.

And for the last fun of the day, we finally got around to picking Tyson’s motorcycle up from winter storage. The combination of not enough time and a rainy early summer had kept us from doing it before. We actually rode tandem on the way over with me driving.