A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Sunday I went off to the last day of my climbing safety class and Tyson went to go flying with his dad.

The class was held at a local crag I’ve never been to before. It wasn’t big, but given it’s proximity, I’ll want to go back. The road to the crag was flooded from heavy rains a couple of days back. This day of the class was testing us on the technical skills we had learned last weekend, and then going over some AMC NH trip leading standards.

Some time during the day called me up to ask if dinner could get moved from monday to that evening. So then I had to call Tyson to make sure he hadn’t made plans with his folks, and the call Mark back. In the end, Mark and Anh decided to get dinner on their own and just stop by for desert. So then I had to run home to make dinner for us before they showed up.

We did the usual tour of the neighborhood. I showed off my skis and boats. And we had ice cream and strawberries.