A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

This week has been insane. We had the full weekend, then Monday we needed to respond coherently to the contractor. He’d sent us a bunch of stuff friday. During the commutes all week, I was busy doing the thermal calculations for the house. There was at least one day where I was still typing an e-mail while walking in to work. Tuesday evening, a kayak dealer from NY city came up to give a demo of some British kayaks. He’s the only guy on the east coast importing these boats, so we did not want to miss that. That evening the new hard drive for our server arrived. Wednesday evening, I tried working on the server while Tyson crashed in bed. I didn’t manage to find the right bios settings to boot from the CD before giving up. Thursday evening got a bunch of people together for gym climbing. Barbara looks really graceful when climbing. I need to learn to climb that well. Then friday evening was supposed to be catching up on work, but I just wanted to go to bed. This weekend, there’s a hurricane coming through town. Saturday was the less deadly looking day (5 ft seas) and the day when most other people were going out, but there was no way I was dragging myself out of the house. Instead I worked on the server. If you plug the drive into the wrong port, it has all sorts of issues with interupts and does a splendid job of corrupting data. I think I have that fixed now. Tyson fixed rudders on two boats, got his motorcycle inspected which was 3 months overdue, went grocery shopping for me, and debugged the server. I patched a spray skirt, cleaned up a ton, made a pillow case, and cooked brownies for Tyson’s brother’s birthday. I payed the credit card bill that was getting close to late. I was really hoping that I could get the server running first so I could tell if we had actually made all the purchases on the card since last time there were some fraudulent charges. Not having the server up and access to my data has been horrible. But at least I got the svn server running as Tyson was shoving me out the door to deliver the birthday brownies.

Did I mention life has been busy?