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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Lots of full evenings

August 1, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I just checked, and I guess I haven’t posted since last friday. Somehow all my time since then has been overbooked.

During the weekend we did a bunch of around town errands and house cleaning since Tyson was still icing and elevating his knee. We visited his parents. One of the contractors we’ve been talking to came and visited again. His price estimate was lower than any of the others so far. The initial number still wasn’t quite small enough, but then Tyson and I spent the afternoon going through the line items and found enough things we can do without that we might actually have a chance of building this year. We also looked at shrinking the house again, but that didn’t go so well. I think we were still arguing about it come monday.

Tyson’s knee seemed to be doing quite well. We went for a good length walk sunday. Then monday and tuesday evening we went for 20 minute bicycle rides. Somehow even with the knee surgery, he could still cycle faster than I can. Tyson had his follow up appointment with the doctor friday, and the doctor said that light bicycling and walking was good and ok’d Tyson to go kayaking this weekend (infection concerns). So that’s good. What’s not so good is apparently Tyson permanently tore out bits of the cartilage from his knee which may make it difficult for him to telemark. We’ll see.

Then wednesday evening, I drove up to Concord to borrow a tent. I should have called my evening quits at that, but when I got home, the Amazon shipment had arrived. I’d snuck in a pleasure reading book amongst all the more practical stuff in that order. The book was «Angela’s Ashes» by Frank McCourt. «Angela’s Ashes» is a best seller and all that jazz, but had never sounded like a book I had wanted to read. Well, when Mr McCourt died a few days ago, they had his obituary on NPR, and I realized that he was the guy who had written and read one of the really funny stories I liked on Selected Shorts. So I had to get his book. It’s not quite as good without him and his Irish accent reading it, but it is still quite good. I finished it Thursday night.

So that brings me to friday night where I was busy packing for backpacking with my parents this weekend, and Tyson packing for kayaking. I hope I didn’t forget anything since I haven’t been backpacking in ages.