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Sunday shopping and meta shopping

August 11, 2009
Emilie Phillips

One of the more vague items in the house price was the kitchen. We had gotten one suggestion the Ikea has reasonable looking kitchens for not to expensive, so we took the day to drive down south of Boston and check it out.

That drive happens to go by our favorite paddling shop, and we happened to have a list of things we needed. Both Tyson and I needed a neoprene outfit that was appropriate to warmer weather and Tyson wanted some tougher booties.

Then off to Ikea. We wandered around looking at all the display models. By about the time we got to the kitchen design center, Tyson was shopped out and ready to go home. I finally convinced him to not waste the drive down and let me talk to some of the reps to get an actual dollar figure (since that was what we came for). So Tyson took a nap. The number that I got was for a reasonable looking kitchen. There were other cheeper options, but they looked much worse. For just the cabinet and counter top materials (no labor and no appliances), it came out to $4k. I figure I’ll check out more local stores to get appliances.

A little farther along in the store we ran into the bedroom displays. They have a closet system that looks quite reasonable. Tyson wasn’t willing to wait for me to price that out, so I’ll have to pick off prices from the Ikea online store and hope I don’t miss any components.

After surviving his harrowing shopping expirience, Tyson had to stop at the Ikea restaurant for a chocolate cake. And then we went home.


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Comments (5)

  • So they’re selling basically cabinets and counters? You might want to talk to some local who could do that also.

    Did I mention I have glass & wood doors for my cabinets? I love them because you can see what’s inside. Somehow this isn’t sufficient to keep my dad from incessantly asking me where the glasses are, but for most guests it works.

    You can buy appliances at BestBuy also. You can shop online; but you should probably go to a store to actually buy since they can make deals (it’s hard to bargain with a php script).

    • > So they’re selling basically cabinets and counters? You might want to talk to some local who could do that also.

      They were selling the whole kitchen, but I figured the rest of it wasn’t work pricing out there. Also, I’m sure we can’t afford good wood cabinets. So the other “local” options are still going to be box stores with prebuilt cabinets. And of course that would mean taking Tyson shopping again, which seems to be about as much fun as getting teeth pulled.

  • I love shopping at Ikea. I love the whole daylong experience. The Ikea lunch, the bouncing on the model bedroom beds, the buying of 100 billion $2 pitchers, garbage cans, and little cotton rugs. And lingonberry drink concentrate at the end! Oh, Ikea. Also I love assembling their furniture. It’s sort of at odds with my values (like, that it’s not really good to buy furniture that you’re likely to throw away in five years just because it’s cheaper in the short run), but hot damn do I love Ikea.

    Do you know anyone with an Ikea kitchen?

    • I don’t know of anyone with their own kitchen from Ikea. I do know some folks who outfitted a rental apartment of theirs with an Ikea kitchen.

      I kind of like the Ikea shopping experience too. It’s nice to get to window shop for a good while before actually having to make up your mind on what to buy.