A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Woods Hole

August 15, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Remind me not to go down to the Cape again during the summer. The traffic was horendous.

But once we got there things went better. This was another NSPN trip. Only two other guys showed up. We aren’t quite sure what happened with the other folks who rsvp’d. Woods Hole is known for its strong currents. This trip was timed for maximum flood tide so we could play.

The last time we had been through Woods Hole was 2 years ago, prior to buying our current tandem. We had rented a tandem to see if we could survive a divorce boat. I remember on the way back we hit all the current in Woods Hole and it seemed like quite something. We did deal with it fine then.

Well, this time we had our new tandem, but whether it was a slower current, or we have just had so many other adventures since then, it didn’t really seem like that much. We played around in various eddies and some standing waves.

One of the sets of eddies was behind a bridge. It took a bit of effort to get upstream without getting slamed into the opposing abutment. We need to check the bow for cracks when we get home from one particularly hard knock. Of the two eddies, one was easier to get into from above than the other. The harder one curved back behind the bridge. We kept trying at it, but we never did get a clean entry.

The standing waves were unfortunately all too small for our boat. They would have been good for a white water play boat, but our 23 foot boat wasn’t quite the ticket. We tried our darnedest, and I think improved over time, but no good surfing ensued.

And to finish up the paddle we all practiced our rolls. After a bunch of trials, I figured out the big problem that was making me miss offside rolls. It’s the same thing that was being a problem coming back up from the Greenland balance brace — pulling with the wrong knee/hip.

To finish up the evening, I had some tasty clams at an outdoor restaurant and we chatted with one of the other paddlers.