A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Vacation day 2

September 14, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I forgot to mention that one of the fun things about the evening with Fred and Sharon was the experience of one couple getting to know another couple. I find it fun to get to know another individual, but somehow whenever Tyson and I get to know someone new, I always feel like there is a third wheel involved. However, getting to know Fred and his wife went much more like me getting to know another individual. Except for how far away they are, I think we’ll try to visit not too infrequently.

Anyways, day 2 of vacation:
We started out a little lazy in the morning. Then we all went to the nearby pond. Sharon paddled around looking for elder berries. Fred, Tyson, and I played around with rolling. For starters, actually, Fred tried out the Bullitt with me. That was the first time we have had anyone else in the boat. Fred seemed comfortable enough in the boat, so I wasn’t worried about going over. After we paddled around, we actually tried doing some rolls. I hadn’t been sure if I was ready for the commitment of trying a tandem roll with someone other than Tyson, but it went fine. Then I swaped into one of Fred’s Greenland kayaks and worked on learning how to scull. We stayed there practicing rolls and stuff until I was tired and cold. At the end Tyson and I did a little bit of practice in the Bullitt.

We treated Fred and Sharon to lunch before heading north to Baxter state park. I slept for most of the ride. We met up with my parents at the campsite and treated them to a cookout dinner of steak, pasta, and salad. There was a bit of insanity trying to find where the heck I had packed everything in the car friday night, but luckily I hadn’t missed anything. I just kept thinking I had. We made it to bed a little after sunset so we could get a good start on the mountain the following day.