A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Vacation Day 4

September 15, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Rather than just drive straight home from Maine, we figured we would ease my parents from hiking into their next sport and go back by Fred’s place.

My parents had both seen some of the greenland rolling videos, but neither of them had been up close to a greenland qajaq before. (Neither had we, really until a month or so ago, but I can pretend to sound like a pro.) Mom has started to try to roll recently whereas Dad has a horrible roll from white water kayaking ages ago. So we thought they would both benefit from and enjoy the slower, more relaxed greenland style roll. And indeed it did seem to go well until Mom got a bit too cold in the pond water. Dad is all ready to go try the techniques in his boat when he gets home. And they might go to the biggest greenland convention on the east coast in a couple of weeks not too far from where they live.

So now we’re finally driving home. I told work I would be out tomorrow too, but I think rather than spend the day cleaning up, I’ll save the vacation day for later when I might need it for the house or want it for skiing.


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  • Cold Mom

    I think your mom may need a greenland robe for Xmas. Instructions can be found on the QAJAQUSA forum. Just do a search for robes.