A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

half day tourist

October 4, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I’ll blame jet lag for why I slept in late. And the rest of the household will blame the party. But regardless, nobody was up until almost 11am. Tyson and I spent the afternoon playing tourist to stay out of Henrik and Anna’s hair while they cleaned up. We toured the gardens of one of the royal palaces. Unlike the French, they don’t use boxwood for their hedges, instead it looks like they use beech trees! We did end up caught out in a rainstorm. I was mostly ok, but Tyson’s feet and legs got soaked, which wasn’t so comfortable at 10C, so we ended up hiding in the visitor center for a little while.

Then we took a boat from there to downtown. Stockholm sits on this big meandering lake. At first there were mostly wild rocky shores. Then more houses showed up. And finally we got to big buildings in downtown proper.

We only had a couple hours, so we went for a wander through the old part of town. There were small roads with shops, I think only one church (vs France where there would have been many), another royal palace, a flock of a hundred or so pigeons following a guy down the street, a café with a cool brick vault basement, tourist ships in the harbor. I half considered getting a souvenir, but I never made my mind up before stuff closed.

And finally we crossed back over to the main part of downtown to grab the metro back home.

So far I’ve had two fish meals, one was smoked mackrel, and the other fish soup, and so far, I have to say that Swedes really can cook fish well.

Another thing I have noted is the public restrooms. It seems like every culture has their differences here, so I was curious what I’d find. In Sweden, instead of having stalls like they do in the US, there’s still the main public area with the sinks, but then every toilet is in its own little room, sometimes with its own sink.