A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

my weekend

October 11, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I decided to have a fun weekend with friends to fix my post vacation blues. The weather cooperated all weekend too. There was plenty of sun. And the trees are in full fall colors.

Thursday I bugged Fred to see if he could get my greenland paddle finished by Saturday. He said sure, which I think means he spent all of Friday working on it. Friday evening Tyson and I headed up to his place from work. We got there around 9pm, and then kept Sharon and Fred up well past their bed times talking.

Saturday we got a late start due to various issues. And then Fred needed to be off the water by 3pm to make it to an afternoon appointment, so we didn’t have a long paddle. But I convinced Fred to let me borrow one of his qajaqs for the paddle. Tyson took my boat (which is better than his boat). I learned a few things: I want to be well connected to whatever kayak I end up with. It seems to make directional control of the boat easier. In this case we had some wind and waves, but not enough that I think I would have been struggling in my boat … not sure though. Also, whatever future kayak I have, I’m going to insist on it being well trimmed for my weight. And finally, for me to be able to paddle a qajaq for a full day, I need to do a lot more stretches. As for the trip itself, we were in Casco Bay fairly hidden in the islands. On the way out, we came upon a pack of seals hanging around some rocks. They let us come quite close and kept bobbing in and out of the water trying to get a better look at us. On the way back, the wind picked up and I was busier making progress than anything else. The bow of the qajaq liked passing through the chop rather than over them, so it was a slightly wet ride.

On the way home, or rather actually off the way home, but while we were wandering around in the car anyways seemed like as good a time as any, we stopped over at Tyson’s folks to pick up a 300 ft measuring tape and some stakes. The hope is to use them to figure out which trees on the lot get taken down. And then we made our way home.