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Wilderness first aid second day

November 15, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Cumulative effects of the prior day and the fact that we talked about soft tissue injuries (aka disgusting bloody messes) did get to me today. I managed to not slide all the way under the table or completely break out in tears, but I definitely didn’t keep my composure.

The good news is I passed (as did everyone else), and even better I have a book to take home and review since it was way too much material to internalize. The other good news is that I pretty much already have everything I need in my pack. And at that it was even a slightly stripped down pack.


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Comments (3)

      • Ahhhh… actually, though not as emphatically as at AMC Winter School, it was covered. It was pointed out that sprint and fall were the “best” seasons for hypothermia and in the last “skit” a cold victim was one of the issues to be addressed.