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Christmas 2009

December 25, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I won’t say that I was ahead of schedule for christmas this year. But I will say that getting the flu a week and a half before christmas ended all possibility of a heroic mad dash to success. Among the unfortunate victims were my christmas card and presents for anyone remote. I am a little disappointed at the cards, so I might still do a new years card if I find time.

The presents I did manage to make were four patterns of custom fabric for Tyson’s Mom. This was my first use of spoonflower. The light colors came out a bit lighter than I’d hoped, but the patterns still looked nice.

The other present was a fleece robe for changing after kayaking for Tyson. I probably should have gone and bought a standard robe pattern. But I was feeling lazy and so just came up with my own. Luckily robes are simple because I started christmas eve morning and was able to finish by the evening. Unfortunately, it was late enough by the time I was done that all the grocery stores had closed. Our supply of mac’n cheese, canned soups, and pretty much everything else easy to cook had run out.

Come christmas day, we were still wrapping presents. Since we were sick, we just did a quick stop by the family gathering to exchange presents and get our doggie bag from the feast. It sounds like our presents were well received, so that’s good. And then I spent the rest of the day working on a fleece robe for myself. It looks like I’ll have some fleece to spare. Any ideas what to do with windblock fleece?


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