A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Party time

December 12, 2009
Emilie Phillips

One of the couples on the airport holds an anual holiday party. Last year the party was a little odd because it was right after the ice storm, so the power was out and not too many people showed up. This year there were plenty of people. One of Tyson’s and my co-workers was actually there through a different connection. So there was the usual «small world» commentary. Overall, I’d say I had much more fun this time than last time. I’m starting to get to know people well enough to hold my own conversations rather than just listen to Tyson talk about airplanes.

Then today we borrowed another neighbor’s tractor to haul all the logs we have been cutting down. Tyson decided it was high time I learned some red-neck skills, so he made me run the tractor. It actually turned out to be not that difficult. The main issue was trying to guess what the forks were doing out in front where I couldn’t see them. We got all the logs that were not already in a pile moved into a new pile before the sun started heading down.

Then we got back home and prepared to relax for a little bit before our next party. Except that I then noticed said party started in 5 minutes. Said party is a pot luck and 30 minutes drive away. Well, the best solution I could think of was to re-heat the goodly amount of soup left over from the previous party. I hope that is not too bad of a social faux pas.