A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Snow! Or maybe kayaking!

December 5, 2009
Emilie Phillips

I’m going to try to write something up before I fall asleep.

This week’s schedule has been all over the place. The net result being lots of late nights at work and not so much sleep.

The weather has been balmy (70F) and sunny. So I hear other people have been having fun.

Well, my fun started on the weekend. My drysuit was ready for pickup. Conveniently someone else posted a paddle 10 minutes from the shop. And then there was the NSPN (paddling group) Christmas party.

Come 9pm friday evening, I started packing for paddling. Once that was done, I contemplated what to do for the potluck. It so happens that driving from the paddle straight to the potluck gave us and extra hour, whereas trying to go home in the middle gave us a negative hour. So that ment cooking at 11 at night. 11 at night is not the best time to discover that I had none of the ingredients for my standard potluck dishes, or pretty much any dish. I resorted to flipping through the cookbook until I found a recipe where I only had to substitute one major ingredient.

Saturday I picked up my dry suit no problem. It didn’t leak on my test swim. We met up with one other guy and his son and went meandering around islands. This was Tyson’s first time out in the borrowed boat. We played in a little bit of surf. Then later he played in some rocks while I tried to figure out how to pull my pants back up via the drop seat. I think there is some trick I’m missing there, like maybe a different type of underlayer.

We stopped at an island with a light house decorated in Christmas lights. We went up for the view. While we were there, the first few snow flakes started to blow by. The whole scene was really quite pretty and put me in the mood of the season a lot more than the 70 degree weather had been.

I need to figure out a better solution to keeping my hands warm. Transitioning between my dry gloves that I was using to eat lunch and my thick neoprene gloves for paddling, my hands got quite cold and they didn’t warm up until we were almost all the way back. The wrist gaskets on the drysuit were not helping since they are new and haven’t been stretched yet.

Back at the put in, I decided to try Tyson’s loaner boat. I did a couple trick rolls. Sufficiently frozen in the head, we then took a brief jaunt around the headland to the other side of the put in. I don’t know how much is real and how much psycological, but I definitely go faster in the Anas Acuta than in my boat. And there are plenty of nice boats out there faster than the Anas.

So then we mosied on south towards the party. The rate of mosying was not high as we got parked by a parade. By the time we got to the party, it was slushing slightly. I’m still getting to know the NSPN folks, although there were more names and faces I recognized this time than at the last social event. There was a mix of ski-type people who were excited at the probable snow, and die hard kayakers who could care less.

Magically, by the time we left the party, the world was white. Our kayaks were coated. And the white on the side of the road had a noticeable depth. It might be time to swap the racks on the car and head north.