A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

The rest of the Thanksgiving vacation

December 1, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Saturday morning, my folks left. Tyson and I took this time to catch up on chores and errands. And then we started working on mounting my bindings on my skis. The bindings came in 16 different pieces plus two sets of screws. Some of the pieces and screws didn’t get used because we used the riser option instead. We borrowed the landlord’s drill press which made it easier. But now I have a functional set of telemark skis again with bindings that make it look like I can ski much better than I actually can.

Late that afternoon, showed up. He got to witness the final fitting of the bindings. We all made a tasty fish chowder. As far as I can tell, there is no set recipe for chowder. The last two times, I have pulled out a bunch of recipes and half followed them and half followed other people’s suggestions.

Since Mark was in town, I felt motivated to go out dancing. I looked up the closest contra dance — 45 minutes away. We showed up early for the lessons because Tyson had only been a few times and Mark never. This venue was particularly beginner and kid friendly. They started out with very easy dances and only got a little harder over the night. If it were just me, I’d probably go find a harder venue. But Tyson had fun. The last time I took him contra dancing, he sat out almost all the dances. This time, I think I saw him sit down once. So given a choice of no contra dancing or simple contra dancing, I think I’ll go for simple.

Then after dancing, we went and visited some friends of Mark’s who have a hot tub. And eventually we stumbled home.

Sunday started a little late. Once we dragged ourselves out of bed and through the shower, I convinced Mark to come on a motorcycle ride with me. I needed to take the motorcycle over to it’s winter parking anyways. So Mark got to enjoy a 30 minute winding tour of rural southern NH. Unfortunately, then Mark had to run off to his next appointment.

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day out. So the best chore Tyson and I could think of was chopping more trees down on the lot. We need to be better about coordinating with the neighbors to borrow a tractor. As is, we have just been leaving the big trunk sections where they fall.

And then mid afternoon we called it quits and vegetated for the rest of the evening.