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January 19, 2010
Emilie Phillips

Last Wednesday I taught x-c skiing for the AMC. The way the groups fell out, there was one total newbie, and then the others had a bit more experience. I opted to teach the one newbie. I figured it would be easier both because it was fewer people, and because there is so much obvious to teach with a beginner. The most notable part of the lesson was discovering that her brand new skis bought for her by her husband had no scales. There are decent odds they were skate skis which don’t even particularly have a kick region. But reguardless, I was not going to teach skating, and her skis were pristine slippery plastic, so I slathered them up with kick wax. Things went much better from there. I did suggest that she switch to scaled skis given that she wanted to do back woods ambling.

Thursday night was the organizational meeting for AMC winter school.

Then this weekend, we decided to be productive since from now until the end of February, all our weekends are booked. We worked on taking down more trees on the lot. Everything in the house is gone. The east and north of the house are close to done. South needs some more work. There are different values of doneness for south. There is enough space for the house. And then there is removing pines for winter sun. And the east west side is not done at all. There are trees right up to the house.


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