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I can ski again!

January 29, 2010
Emilie Phillips

Yeah, I know, you are all wondering why my last n-teen hundred ski trips don’t count as skiing.

But, as far as down mountain skiing, I have been working hard on telemark. So every trip down the slope was working on this exercise, or concentrating on refining that bit of technique. In fact I would say that I haven’t properly relaxed down a mountain since 1995 when the family stopped skiing.

So it was such a joy to head down the black slope today to just ski. I took all the confidence from telemarking in my leather boots and skinny skis, and I fell into that swaying rythm that used to rock me to sleep at night, that I dream about like a lost love. Oh was it wonderful. It was so awesome that despite the single digit temperatures, the 20mph wind, and the icy slopes, I kept wanting to go back.

Friends heading in to the bar, and my legs getting tired and not wanting to injure them eventually forced me off the slope. But, oh how I now need a big mountain to go ski. And really ski, not just over analyse my way down.


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