A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Read accounts from the latest prop 8 challenge which has all sorts of facts about past discrimination.
Did you know that it used to be when a women married a foreign guy, the US automatically removed her US citizenship and treated her as if she were a citizen of his country (regardless of whether or not she could actually get citizenship there). This was an attempt to get white gals and asian guys to not marry since asians couldn’t become US citizens for a while.
The last of the laws assigning gender roles within a marriage were repealed in 1970.
When prohibition was repealed, they made laws criminalized serving gays alcohol.
During the McCarthy era, more gay government employees were fired than communists.

And then follow that by watching the latest netflix arrival “Brokeback Mountain” which does a heart wrenching rendition of what that discrimination can do to people.

Last night was not a cheerful Emilie.


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