A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Saturday, I led an AMC ski trip to Greeley ponds. The hardest part of this trip was planning. Just the previous Monday, it had rained hard all across the state. So there were lots of concerns about amount of snow. And then in the second half of the week it got seriously cold. So it wasn’t certain if the snow that was left was solid ice. Luckily the water didn’t stay in the snow, and it snowed enough more on top, that the skiing was reasonable. Not glorious, but reasonable.

Saturday morning at the trail head was a balmy -8F. Initially we had some issues with temperature, but once everyone warmed up and sorted their layers out we were good. Compared to when Tyson and I had skied the trail a few weeks ago, there were tons more water crossings. We made it up to the ponds and back down the other side until we found a sunny spot for lunch. And then we came back. On the way back we ran into a number of other groups. At the top of the trail, there was a threesome with maybe one pack between them. They looked at our full winter packs, and wondered if we were out camping. So we had to explain to them what would happen if one of them got a broken ankle, and had to sit out there waiting for a rescue. At least one of the ladies looked a bit shocked. Then on the way back down we crossed a boyscout troupe, also without sufficient gear, but I think we didn’t bother educating them. We got back early enough to have a late lunch at a restaurant with one of the participants, Carl, who is also a member of the kayaking club we’ve been hanging out with.

Since we were up in the Whites for the weekend, and we had an EMS gift card to enjoy, we then drove over to North Conway for some shopping. We managed to get some of the stuff on our list. I failed at getting pants. I’m looking to replace my current wind pants with something with a bit more hip and butt room. EMS didn’t seem to have any wind shell pants at all, so maybe it is off season. I did end up getting a big down outer jacket. I had noticed that I had actually run through all of my jackets and all of my pants except my fleece pants at -8F that morning, so if something had gone wrong, I didn’t really have enough backup. Luckily money can fix this problem.

Then we headed back to Tony’s for the night. Tony was nice enough to put us up for the weekend so we could go skiing three days without having to drive back and forth from southern NH. We had a lovely evening sitting by the wood stove, eating pizza, drinking beer, and chatting about everything and nothing.

The next day we headed to Hancock Notch to explore a new trail.

Photos from skiing