A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Vacation day 3

February 24, 2010
Emilie Phillips

Today we cross country skied Cedar Brook. This is a trip which Tyson is leading for the AMC later this winter. Normally this trip has taken us 10 hours. This time we had a pouring snow storm, possibly open water crossings, and what had been bare dirt at the lower elevations the previous day.

We broke trail the whole way. Up high it was heavy powder at least a foot thick. All of our jackets and packs got soaked. Down by the Pemi, the snow got sticky as always and had the consistency of mashed potatoes. And when I skied on it, it sounded like styrofoam.

On the flip side, we had four competent skiers, we didn’t loose the trail once, and everyone pushed hard. So we came out about an hour and a half faster than usual. Well before dark. Still tired though.