A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Late weekend update

March 10, 2010
Emilie Phillips

Work has been using up all my time and brain power this week, but I still wanted to tell about my fun weekend.

On saturday we went skiing, big surprise. The ski trip was posted as the 22 mile Pemi ski through, but given the state of the other streams, odds were the stream crossing in the middle would be out. So it turned into an out and back along one side of the Pemi. However, the folks signed up were still quite strong cross country skiers, surprisingly so compared to myself and the rest of the folk I usually ski with. I think I might be a bit of a backcountry plodder.

The morning started out below freezing, and we were on a very well travelled, unmaintained road. The snow was somewhere between refrozen corn snow and solid ice. Bill and I on our waxable skis had a terrible time with it. Neither of us had an appropriate wax. Bill kept trying different waxes. I rewaxed once and then gave up. Later, we got onto another trail that only had ski tracks, was much less compacted, and the snow was warming up. Bill and I rewaxed again there for the new conditions, and from then on out, I think we were both fine. I, at least, definitely had the right wax for melting corn snow. The one big hill climb took a bit of polling, but I think my skies stuck as well as anyone’s.

We skied all the way out to where the suspension bridge had been, took pictures, and ate lunch in the sun. I don’t quite know how warm it was out, but when skiing, I was in my t-shirt and no long underwear.

Then we headed back. Two of the folks were having fun racing each other on the way back, so we went at a fast clip. People trying to hurry across the little stream crossings produced a couple of fancy leaps, and a number of good splats. I was in the later category. In fact, the whole day, there must have been something I was doing wrong, because I did a number of noise dive/belly flop falls on what I normally wouldn’t consider steep terrain. On the other hand, I was pushing myself to ski faster than I usually do, which puts you in a more forward position. My legs and arms definitely were telling me they got a workout.

About halfway back we stopped for a break and wandered over to the river to enjoy the view. I got a little over confident about being able to step off a yard tall block of ice. It turned out there was no snow under it, so my ski just slid out from under me. One of the other guys decided to ski off the ice ledge. His jump was a bit more successful.

Unfortunately, one of the guys’ bindings had started to loosen up, so we ended up performing a field repair entirely remounting his binding in a new spot.

Then the folks up front started racing again, and we made quick work of the 3 miles back. Bill and I paused a little to talk about teaching wedges. And Lea and Ron worked on skating.

Ron, Bill, Tyson, and I had all carpooled from Concord. Once back there we went out for dinner together. Discussion topics included AMC major excursions trips and health care.

Sunday was boring cleanup.