A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

MMAU (Massively Multi Activity Update)

April 5, 2010
Emilie Phillips

I has been two weeks since I last posted, so here are the highlights.

Indoor sky diving

Not really my thing. It’s indoors with a big fan. It would be good training for real sky diving, but I’m not interested in that. And the one hundred some odd mile an hour wind going up my nose felt as bad as pool water up the nose and gave me a headache for the rest of the evening.

Lots of work deadlines

Three weeks in a row with deadlines, two of which didn’t seem to be connected to reality, is a bit much.

Parents visit

Mom and Dad came up for a week and a bit. We took them out skiing three times on the weekends, but because of the aforementioned work deadlines didn’t get to see them much during the week.

House progress

We started shopping around for financing. Interest rates are still reasonably low, and the banks seem to be willing to lend. Also this past week, we gave up on cutting the trees down on our lot and our contractor got a company to come in and log. It is quite shocking seeing the big open space where there used to be woods. We only had them take pine out, but there apparently was not much else.

Skiing Huntington Ravine

This day had a couple changes of plans. The forecast was for icy conditions but clear blue skies. So we gave up on skiing Gulf of Slides and instead decided to do a tour of all the ravines on the east side of the mountain. When we got to the first one, Huntington, usually known for its ice climbing, we discovered the snow at the bottom was fine. So we stayed and skied that. I got some turns on the steep section. Mom and Dad stayed on the shallower stuff. The views were absolutely gorgeous.


Skiing Amonoosuc Ravine

The next day, just Mom, Dad, Tyson and I went to the other side of the mountain to ski, but the weather was less cooperative. The worst of it was that the wind was howling. It seemed to be funneling down the ravine we were in. Also, we found a bit more wind packed slab than we were really comfortable with and evidence of a gigantic avalanche. So we only went up a little ways and then turned around and went home.


Skiing Amonoosuc Ravine and Oakes Gulf

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