A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Skiing Amonoosuc Ravine and Oakes Gulf

April 3, 2010
Emilie Phillips

Second try on the west side of Mount Washington, a week later with the AMC. This time it was obscenely hot (60F-70F) and blue skies. The massive avalanche earlier in the winter had cleared out all of Ammonusuc Ravine and filled in the waterfalls at the bottom. We skied straight up the ravine. On the way up, about half the group was eyeballing the west snowfields and the summit, and the other half still wanted to go to Oakes, the official destination. The group ended up splitting in two. Tyson and the old folks (all of them around 60) went for the west snowfields — some because it was less steep, some because they had already skied Oakes and this looked like an unprecedented chance to ski off the top of the mountain. I led the young (early 30’s) folks into Oakes to hunt for steep terrain. I didn’t do the steepest slope they did, but I was still quite pleased with how well I was skiing the reasonably steep slope I was on. Then we all met back up and had a fun last run down the rest of the snowfields and the ravine on the way out.