A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

spring carnival

April 22, 2010
Emilie Phillips

This past weekend was spring carnival at CMU. There was buggy where lots of teams got disqualified. I missed mobot to go see some friends from growing up, Jenny and Brian, who were in the area. Then there was the gathering of lounge rats to play games. Some folks went off to a 30th aniversary of the robotics institute tour which I maybe should have gone on even though I didn’t sign up in time. Then it poured. The good news is I had a rain jacket. The bad news is that I and all the other alumni from out of town hadn’t brought enough warm clothes for the cold front that followed. Next was dinner and contra dancing with Mark.

Saturday was more of the same except colder. If one more women’s buggy team had gotten disqualified, CIA would have gotten 3rd place just for showing up. The lounge BBQ that afternoon was looking to be a misserably cold afair until another group showed up claiming they had reserved the spot. We relocated inside to everyone’s pleasure. Benoit convinced me to stop by the SCS event on the way. I saw a few folks I knew. And I got fleece shirt (yay warmth). Then BBQ and card games. Finally I made it back to my hosts, Pod and Roxanne to say hi for a bit. Then to finish the day, I went out for beers with Sheena and family and Adam and Rehana.

Sunday was pie party. I actually had some relaxation time in the morning to show off the house plans. Then Roxanne and I made a scene trying to cook two pies in the kitchen. And finally consumption of pies at Barbara’s. Oh yes, and people brought bouncy stilts to try.