A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Saturday kayaking Fishers Island Sound

May 31, 2010
Emilie Phillips

I had an idea that we might stay home for the weekend and catch up. But apparently that was not to be.

We got an invite to go kayaking with folks down in CT. The invite was kind of out of the blue. We only knew one person going. And had met two of the other people in a parking lot once (those two being the ones who invited us). Tyson thought it sounded like a great trip to go on both because of the area they were planning on going to and because it would be good to meet more of the regional kayaking community.

That being said, the other thing we need to do besides house work is start training for the Blackburn Challenge in a month and a half. So we brought our tandem. Bringing a tandem on a trip to play in tidal races with people you have never paddled with before may or may not be the most politically astute move, but that’s what we did.

It ended up just being five of us. We got started a little bit late to catch the flood. So we did a little bit of playing before lunch. Tyson and I both noticed that we weren’t comfortable in the seats. I guess we need to do another round of improving the seats. This will probably be the third try. Even though the water wasn’t flowing that fast, Tyson and I had a grand time playing behind one rock. That BCU training we did a couple weeks ago really paid off. It used to be I could barely do anything to steer the front end of the boat. Now I could make it go where ever I wanted (almost). We did still flush out. But it was fun.

Then we had lunch while waiting for the tide to turn. We wandered out after lunch and kind of moseyed around a while waiting for the current to pick up. It never really got big. The wind and waves weren’t cooperating. The other guys managed to find spots to play, but our tandem was too long to catch any of the waves off the reef they were playing on. And then to finish us off, Tyson’s back band broke. So we went to shore and effected a repair. The other four gave up not too long after us. Apparently some power boat started sinking because we got to hear it calling for a rescue over the radio. From what the other folks said, there are frequently power boats that get themselves into trouble out there.

On the way back, we hit one more play spot. Tyson and I got two good rides. In total the day was 13 miles. A very good day for reacquainting ourselves with the tandem and training for the Blackburn.

Back on land, we headed to the favorite watering whole for some food and drinks. Since we had carpooled down, we were invited to come along with them that evening to a friends party. However, by the time we had all showered and sat down in the couches, none of us felt like getting back up again to go to a party elsewhere. So we had a much smaller social evening.

It turned out to be a great day with fun people. We’ll be back down in two weeks for the rough water symposium where we’ll see these folks again.