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May 14, 2010
Emilie Phillips

I have two excuses for not posting sooner. The first is that the Droid and/or web pages are excessively good at providing special apps or mobile versions that load in a snap, but don’t show all the content. And they make it impossible to load the full verson, so even if I’m willing to wait 2 minutes, there is no way I can get to the data I am looking for. Grrr.

The second excuse is that I have been too busy having fun.

Saturday would have been kayaking except for the thunderstorms. So instead we went to a class put on by NSPN (kayak club) on the Common Adventurer Model which is the way they run their trips. Essentially it tries to take all the burden and liability off the trip initiator and make everyone else in the group more involved and more proactive about keeping the group safe and acheiving the goal of the trip.

Then Sunday we went out in search of non flat water. We spent the day surfing at Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island.

Since we had skipped out on mother’s day Sunday, we had to do something for Tyson’s mom’s birthday Tuesday. So we had the whole gang over for dinner – seven adults and two kids. It worked out reasonably well. Monday was a very late night as we got most of the food together then.


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