A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Rough Water Symposium day 2

June 23, 2010
Emilie Phillips

On the second day we did strokes in conditions. This is essentially practicing paddling technique in rough water. One of the guys who joined us had hoped to take the surfing class that day, except there was no surf. So he was a little bummed that he had to do “BCU technique.” But even he had to agree at the end of the day that it was fun.

Initially it looked like it was going to be another large group like the first day, but this time it got split up by experience level into three groups of one instructor and five students. We ended up in the most experienced group, but it sounds like the difference between our group and the next group down was mostly a matter of timidity. They ended up going farther and staying out longer than we did.

We stayed in one tide rip basically the entire day. There were a couple other classes playing in the same area. The incident management class was the worse one. There was one point when they had a five kayak roped tow that seemed to cover the entire area. I forget all of what we covered since a lot of it was review and practice on stuff I learned at our BCU 3 star class. There was one application which was particularly difficult – paddle around a small island/large rock only paddling on the inside. I never quite got that. The other thing I learned is I need to get better at timing when to get onto a wave. The one time I had the instructor looking on to say “paddle now!” I got a nice long ride.

We had some entertainment over lunch in the form of some random folks who decided to kayak out the tidal flow in open recreational boats. We were kind of surprised none of them capsized on the way out. They mulled things over for a bit and then came back in. At least three boats capsized, and one of them had to be rescued by our group.

In the end, enough of us were kaput by 2pm (I even swam), that we could carpool back to camp without leaving anyone stranded. And the British instructors got to go watch the second half of the US vs England “football” game at a “pub”.

Continued the next day at Rough Water Symposium day 3