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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

past paddling trips

July 5, 2010
Emilie Phillips

I’ve gotten behind on posting paddling trips. There was the NSPN solstice paddle and pot luck.


Generally a fairly mellow paddle, although I kept having to go pee which was annoying. We saw a bunch of people out sailboat racing. There was one where they had floating cones they had to turn around. One team missed the cone and had to go back. We saw a huge seal. It was resting on land, and initially we didn’t notice it because our subconscious just assumed it was a boulder. On the way back we passed through a protected cove that was filled with people and boats. It looked like a block party.

Another NSPN trip on Cape Ann starting from Lanes Cove.


There was a women’s trip scheduled that day from the same location. There ended up being a ton of ladies on it. But at least one of the gals had a husband who wanted to paddle too. So he posted a co-ed trip from the same put in a half hour later. Tyson and I went on that trip. We’re at the point where we need to spend as much time as possible in the tandem before our race, and Tyson doesn’t really look like a lady. The water was almost flat. The group did some rock play. One guy got his boat stuck quite high and dry. We played around a little even with the 23′ tandem.

Then after lunch, we split from the group and headed out to put in more miles. I think we did 16 miles total. We went out around Thatchers Island. There was a pirate tourist ship we had to detour to take a picture of. On the way back, we took the longer route to go see a partially constructed sea wall. I don’t know what era the sea wall is, but it’s quite old and falling apart in addition to not being finished. We caught a couple of swells on the way back which is sort of a first for us. They were small enough and slow enough we could just barely catch them. Then we ran into another NSPNer who was on his second lap around the cape (a lap is a bit over 20 miles). We said hi, and then he fairly quickly left us in the dust.