A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Friday evening surfing

September 18, 2010
Emilie Phillips

We went out Friday after work with another NSPN paddler to go play in the waves from hurricane Igor. Igor doesn’t get all the way up here until Monday, but most of the weekend should have good waves. Tyson was in his Anas Acuta as usual, but I was in our just acquired the day before Valley Avocet. The Avocet has two features that we were looking for — it is a decent surfing kayak, and it is plastic. So that means we are back up to 5 kayaks on a week and a half after selling Tyson’s starter kayak.

Driving up along the beach, the waves looked rather small and pathetic, but either the waves got bigger, or they just look bigger when you are down in then, because it turned out to be a very nice evening. The Avocet behaves totally differently than my Tahe Greenland! It’s night and day. Everything that’s hard with the Tahe (surfing wise) is easy with the Avocet. Everything that I thought I had learned how to control on the Tahe, is controlled totally differently on the Avocet. It is higher volume, not built as much for speed, and soft chined rather than hard chined. That being said, I caught a ton of rides, got flipped and rolled a few times, and generally had fun. I can still even do my nifty trick where I hop out of the boat in the middle of the ocean, go pee, and clamber back aboard with nothing more than my paddle, and without getting water in the boat.

No pictures from this trip. We were concentrating on getting some action in before it got too dark. As it was, we got off the water by moonlight. There were still a bunch of dedicated surfers with their boards out there when we came in.