A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Bi-weekend post

October 18, 2010
Emilie Phillips

Both of the last two weekends we did some work on or around the house.

Last Saturday, I sanded the unfinished pile of trim. (Definitely smaller than the finished pile of trim.) Tyson assembled a mailbox post for us and for a friend. Unfortunately, they both ended up a foot too short.

Then Sunday, Tyson had to fly out for work. He was nice enough to stain most of the trim in the morning beforehand. I skipped town and met up with Benoit and a friend of his for a gorgeous hike in the Whites. pictures. I stained the few remaining bits of trim Monday evening.

Then this weekend, on Saturday, we cut up a bit of firewood from the trees cleared off our property. Tyson fixed the mailbox posts while I split the wood. We only got it partway stacked before dark.

Sunday, Tyson wanted to put together a rack to properly stack the wood. And I wanted to hit a couple flea markets to look for a dinning room table. Tyson came along for the table hunt, which was good because he convinced me to buy a not-quite-perfect table and chairs set for quite cheap, and before I had spent all day searching. I then cleaned up in the house and Tyson went to get lumber and groceries. Somehow the day ended before we had done anything more on the wood.