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Camera question

December 26, 2010
Emilie Phillips

For the people who have cameras that don’t fit in your pocket: how do you carry it?

The reason I ask is that I just got a new camera for Christmas and it is a little bigger than anything I have had before.


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Comments (7)

    • Yeah, I’m thinking a bag might be a nice option. I need to figure out how to fit it in with my pack. I think I also need some sort of leash so I can’t drop the camera.

  • What did you get?

    I have mine in a neoprene cover and a UV filter to protect it all slightly, and I toss the whole in my pack for when I’m just carrying. Strap to hold it around my neck, down my side, when I’m ready to be shooting.

    • “for when I’m just carrying.” — my photographing has no such state. There’s always a bird about to fly by or a corner coming up where if I get there fast enough I can turn around and snap a good shot of the person behind me.

      My issue with the strap method is neck pain. My previous camera was heavy enough to be annoying. going down the side would alleviate that since it puts the weight on your shoulder. But how do you keep it from getting tangled up in your pack?

      I made a separate post about the camera model since multiple people were curious. Me going shopping for cameras was catalyzed by you getting your camera. (catalyzed being slightly different than caused…)

      • Yeah, I saw those gears turning from all the way on this side of the Internet pipe when I mentioned my new camera; I figured it wouldn’t be long 🙂

        For the strap down the side thing, I mean it like a messenger bag, so the weight is on the side of the neck (or the collarbone, basically); not sure if that would work did you. Having it on my shoulder I’d invariably end up with it falling off.

  • The best solution I’ve found is to clip the camera to one of the shoulder straps of my backpack. With 3-4″ of strap so I can lift it to my eye, it is as quick to get at as a neck strap, and it can’t swing so far that I have to worry much about what it’s going to run into. The big exception is when scrambling over rocks. Clipping it to both sides solves that problem, but then I have a harder time getting at it quickly, one more thing to take off when setting the pack down, and have a 3lb camera bouncing off my chest, so I don’t usually clip the other side until I need it.

    • I think I want my camera a bit more protected than that. My current camera I have on a neck strap under my jacket. That keeps it from bouncing too much and out of the rain and snow when I faceplant skiing. I’ve been wondering if a simple chest harness would work. My concern there is, because my camera has no view finder, I have to get it farther from my face to see the LCD.