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December 10, 2010
Emilie Phillips

We are getting a cold snap in New England right now. This morning the neighbor’s weather station reported a temperature of 1.5F. I did not stick my nose outside to double check. Yesterday was sunny, so the house got a good start, but it only dropped to 61F. In case I have not mentioned it, the house is solar heated except for one small wood stove. We did not have the stove running, so that was just the sun and insulation.

We have used the stove to heat earlier this week. From when we moved in, we had a three and a half week stretch with nothing but solar heat. Early this week was cloudy enough to make the house chilly (I think it was 62F in the evening).

In general, the morning temperatures have been running around 63F. The evening temperature depends a lot more on sun and 66F to 69F. Despite those temperatures sounding cold, they really aren’t. We have no drafts in the house, and the floors and walls are basically the same temperature as the air. So you don’t feel chill from anything.


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