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January 11, 2011
Emilie Phillips

In lieu of doing anything more useful while we were sick, Tyson and I collaboratively put our hardware and software hackery skills together to give you plots of the house temperature. The air temperature is what it sounds like. The “inlet” temperature is the temperature of the air coming in from the energy recovery ventilator — essentially an air to air heat exchanger bringing fresh air in. The slab temperatures are various places on the cement floor on the first floor. The sand is sand under the house, insulated from the ground which is heated by the solar panels. The air temperature swings a little more than we would like. The slab temperature is quite reasonable. The sand is a bit low. We are hoping that’s because we did not get the panels up and running early enough in the fall, and next year might work better.

We are going to be adding more sensors, and probably plotting a few less of them, especially of the ones that seem to mostly measure the drain temperature. We also need to get some indicator on the graphs of when we run the wood stove.

Eventually, I’m hoping to make a little advertising page for the house kind of like this and this to promote energy efficient and solar design.