A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Ski trip 10 – Smarts Brook

January 29, 2011
Emilie Phillips

This was an AMC cross country ski. I was leading it, although the co-leader is training to be a full leader, so I let him do a lot of it. We ski up some fairly easy cross country trails and then take a “primitive” trail up to the pond. The folks up front missed the turn, but for once I was able to yell loudly enough for them to hear. Then it’s straight up the hill. We had one gungho guy who had fun breaking trail all the way up while the rest of us huffed and puffed along. Tyson had his Christmas present skis out for the first time. Unfortunately, the snow and my wax job were not cooperating, so we both were slipping a bit. Tyson was worse than I due to technique.

We had a lovely lunch on the pond at the top and then had fun skiing back down another woods trail. Once we hit the main cross country trails, it was a quick ski out.

I should maybe figure out how to extend the base trip, but instead, I just invite any one who wants to, to do an informal second loop. This time there were three takers, Tyson, the guys who had fun breaking trail, and my co-leader. The last two are definitely faster and stronger cross country skiers than I. Initially we set a steady pace because Tyson was still slipping and slidding. Then, Tyson figured out the bit of technique he was missing, and we started going fast — full speed ahead uphill and downhill. I was pooped by the end, but it was really fun, heart pumping on the flats, screaming down the hills. Even better, I did not have to stop at every bump to wait for people falling down.

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