A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Ski trip 6 – Mt Mansfield

January 15, 2011
Emilie Phillips

Mt Mansfield is over in Vermont. It’s a trip the AMC tries to run almost every year. But because of the distance, and bad snow reports, its been canceled the last couple of years.

To start off with Saturday morning, we had a house issue. The ERV power light was blinking on and off, and the ERV was not running all the time. In debugging that, Tyson discovered that the pipes to the ground loop heat exchanger were below freezing and it would not pump. We called up our contractor and he said the ERV has a feature where it doesn’t run when the incoming air is too cold, and as for the ground loop he was not sure. Since then we have determined that it probably doesn’t have enough antifreeze and probably froze up.

As for the ski trip itself, it started out sunny and slowly got more overcast until it snowed. We were not the first ones up, so we did not have to break trail. The ski up was really nice. The snow was really pretty. There were a couple of views over to clouds rising above Lake Champlain. Up higher on the mountain, the trees were covered in pillows of snow. (Slightly lower in elevation the trees were dumping snow down our necks, but that’s a different matter.)

The very top of the trail was narrow like a hiking trail, but also rather gradual. Coming back down it opened up a little more, though still tight enough that I was better off using parrallel technique. The trees were tight enough that everyone was skiing the trail so it was a bit tracked up. In that area, our group encountered a couple with two dogs one of whom had been injured getting clipped by a ski. We stopped and helped patch the dog up.

The lower section of the trail was much more open, so we all found our own fresh tracks in the powder in the trees. After Thursday when I had wished I had done another lap, I made sure to get everyone to stop at the bottom of the good section to see if we had time to go back up. We did, and three of us went up to the top of the lower trail. Some of the others did partial laps.

Finally it was getting late and we skied out on easy terrain. For the first time, my ski binding released. I was playing with a little bump, and my rear ski tip caught and stopped. I went flying and popped out of my ski no problem, so that was good.