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January 13, 2011
Emilie Phillips

We just got a bunch of powder, so Tyson and I took the day off yesterday to ski. Western MA had the most snow around, and we had been wanting to ski the Thunderbolt a historic ski trail on Mt Greylock. The skiing was good, though I wish we had been fast enough to get a second run. It was a good 2 maybe 3 feet of fluffy powder. There wasn’t any base which made it rough going occasionally. We were second at the trail head, and maybe 8th coming down. Next time I think I’ll skip skiing all the way to the top and just do an extra lap on the old race course.

Unfortunately, I had some issues with heat management, so for most of the trip I was feeling too chilly to get my camera out. Of the pictures I took, I tried playing with manual white balance, and some EV compensation. The manual white balance worked well across the board. The EV compensation resulted in some badly exposed pictures, but to compensate, the rest of the pictures looked quite good. There were a couple spots where I had long shots of people coming down the hill which the lens couldn’t really capture.

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  • A lot of the ones you don’t like much can probably be fixed in postprocessing- white balance and adjusting the exposure a little often go really far in making the photo look like what one remembers, and switching to greyscale sometimes make a huge difference in how nice a picture looks. (And also, way over-or under-exposed photos can often still be good artsy shots.)