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February 18, 2011
Emilie Phillips

Tyson and I led the Cedar Brook ski trip this past weekend. (12th ski trip.) A combination of good snow and strong people made it the fastest trip ever. We normally get out after dark, and this time we got out at 4pm! On the way up we ran into a NH AMC hiking trip with folks we knew. There were tracks that were only one snow storm old as far as the top, but then they turned around. On the way down Cedar Brook trail, we were breaking trail and cutting trees for trail maintenance, but we still made reasonable time. Then as another first, we actually met someone else on the trail. They came up from behind and passed us, so we didn’t even have to break trail any more. When we got down to the Pemigewasset, the river was almost entirely covered in snow. Were the Pemi East Side trail comes out of the wilderness, there’s an overlook onto the river where we usually stop. Well, this time, there was solid snow all the way across the river, so we crossed over to the other side. From there we took the Lincoln Woods trail back. Overall a nice day. I took a bunch of photos and some of them I think turned out pretty well. This was my first time skiing with my new chest pack for the camera. It took a little getting used to (I dropped the camera one time taking it out), but it seems to be just about what I needed. Looking at my photos on the car ride back, I noticed I lost my UV filter at some point on the trip.

Back home, I ordered a replacement UV filter and a zoom telephoto lens for taking spring skiing pictures. B&H ships really fast because I got them on Wednesday.

Wednesday evening, Tyson and I taught at the NH AMC cross country ski clinic. (13th ski trip.) Almost nobody showed up, probably because the snow has turned to ice. This past weekend up north we had just been commenting that the Pemi ski through would probably have no problems with its stream crossings. Well, this thaw has changed everything. Most of the snow is gone, and what is left was icy Wednesday evening, and is probably about ready to turn into concrete this evening with the cold front coming through. I did manage some decent teaching anyways. The biggest challenge was being heard over the racket of the skis scrapping the ice.

Thursday I played with my new lens on the drive to work, and today I took it out for a little walk around the neighborhood after work. What I have noticed so far is that almost none of the pictures in the car came out because I or the car were too wobbly for that much zoom. The lens doesn’t go down to nearly as low an f-stop as my other lens, so it is much harder to use in low light (say an office building late in the evening). And I seem to not quite have gotten the knack of how to get it to focus where I want to yet. But that being said, on the walk this evening I got a few nice pictures.

As for those nice pictures that I have mentioned, I was going to post them. But I seem to have drunk a little too much wine this evening. I just dropped my memory card into my not yet empty wine glass on the way to the card reader.


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