A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Weighting options

March 15, 2011
Emilie Phillips

Friday night I put my pack on the scale after I had it all packed up — 26lbs. That was heavy enough to prompt me to pull everything out and weigh it individually. What I found is that the pack itself is the easiest item to upgrade and lighten. I also found my food was a bit heavy, so I pulled some of that out to no ill effect.

The next few items are a little harder. My shell pants are quite heavy for shell pants, but they are also a tiny bit warm. So I could replace them with just lighter shells, or that plus some actual insulating pants. I’m not sure what that weight is.

The first aid kit is the next target. I’m not certain what is reasonable for how big of a mess to be ready to patch up in the woods. I already have two sizes of first aid kits, so I can decide that one on a case by case basis.

Finally there are my jackets. On a reasonable day, I carry a fleece jacket, a fleece vest, and a primaloft jacket. (On an unreasonable day I swap the primaloft jacket for a big down jacket.) I’m not convinced I want to drop any of those jackets because I have been cold even with all of them. The other option would be to replace them with something lighter. The only option there that I know of would be to replace the fleece with a synthetic down such as primaloft. But my current primaloft jacket is enough less warm than my fleece, that I’m not really inclined to do that.