A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


April 17, 2011
Emilie Phillips
From 20110417-rainbow

My new camera got me to see a rainbow I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise!

I was sitting at my desk and noticed the trees across the way had dramatic black clouds behind them with the almost setting sun shining brightly on them. Well, supposedly good lighting can make a good photo especially around sun rise and sunset. I grabbed my camera, realized it had the wrong lens on it, so swapped in a hurry hoping the clouds wouldn’t obscure the sun and ran outside. There I found that it was raining and there was an amazing double rainbow. I forgot to take the dramatic lighting photos I was intending to take. If you look closely at the primary rainbow, you can see waves of color fading off the bottom side. They were much more visible in person. By now, the clouds have all blown off and the sky is clear and blue.