A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


April 17, 2011
Emilie Phillips

I came down with a bug from work, so I missed out on Tyson’s last AMC ski trip, which, due to too much fresh snow, yet again went to the cog railway.

Seeing how spring appeared to have come, we decided to attempt skiing Mt Washington again yesterday. The forecast was such that it might be nice or it might be icy. It turned out to be icy and a lot of open water. We did a tour of waterfalls and some hiking with skis in the pack. https://picasaweb.google.com/tyson.sawyer/20110416Amonoosuc?feat=content_notification# It’s kind of feeling like spring skiing just isn’t working out as well this year. There wasn’t as much snow to start with, but then it kept snowing here and there until it decided to start pouring rain and open up all the streams.

Meanwhile back in my yard, I’ve been staring at the plot where I tossed some wildflower seed in the fall. There are a couple tiny green things, but I have no idea if they are flowers or not. There are still a few remnants of snow banks hidden under dirt here and there along the roads. The streams are all running high and the sun was out today. It really looks like spring is around the corner.