A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Early to rise

May 16, 2011
Emilie Phillips

After the fox Saturday morning I did go back to bed, but by 6AM the sunshine outside had me up. By 7AM I was outside stacking wood. I filled up the wood racks in the wood room without making a dent in the pile outside. There was a little space in the rack outside, but that still did not make the pile look smaller. I had run out of racks at that point and did not feel like making more, so I found an old shipping pallet and stacked on that. Finally I made a dent in the pile. The pallet was stacked as high as I dared when I had two wheel barrow loads left. I found spaces for those on a different stack of wood out back. By 11:30 I sat down totally exhausted on the stoop to admire my handywork. All of this winter’s wood was stacked in the wood room. Next year, the year after, and a bit of the year after that outside. And then there is still the stack of uncut logs that should be at least another year.

I managed to rationalize myself into getting up and making lunch after which I was promptly seized by a nap.

For the afternoon, I had some more outdoor chores to do, but nothing that took as much energy. I picked up most of the construction trash left in the yard. I hauled some of the cut branches from around where the wood pile had been to the bonfire pile. With some effort, I restrained from expanding that project to the rest of the yard.

From there, I took the yard trash and household trash to the dump including one big metal cable that must have been lying in the yard for fifteen years. The last errand was to get stakes. I measured and pounded these into the ground to delineate where we want the driveway expanded.

I managed to accomplish all my tasks for the day. From there it was just dinner and some light reading to keep my eyes open until a reasonable bed time. Luckily for me, cleaning the house and kitchen was not on the to-do list.