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long week

August 6, 2011
Emilie Phillips

Work has been at a bit of a crunch this week.

On the plus side, last night we spotted a porcupine and got to show it to the neighborhood kids. They thought it was cute. We hung around a bit. Tyson chatted more about what airplane to buy and I helped shoot rocket shaped nerf darts into the air.

This morning had I had a flight lesson again. There was a chance that I was going to get bumped, so I was really psyched when I got the last spot before my instructor goes on vacation for a week. We did one stall, and I didn’t shriek, so that was an improvement. Then we concentrated almost exclusively on landings. We would focus on improving one area, and I’d mix up everything else. Bring the nose up more – heading wandered off. Fix the heading – mess up speed. Fix the speed – nose back down again. etc. Hopefully I will retain some of the improvements I learned on each of the items individually.

Tyson really wanted to get some pictures of me flying, so when we got back to Brookline, I did one decent landing, drove by the house and metaphorically honked the horn. Then we took off and looped around to do a second landing while Tyson ran out to take pictures. With the camera out, I proceeded to do an absolutely terrible landing. The instructor actually had to help steer the plane for the first time in many lessons.

So that was that, and then I worked the rest of the day today just to improve my mood.


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  • I looked at the trees at the end of the runway instead of the touch down point. I miss-estimated how fast the airplane was going. I then pulled the nose up to slow down when I should have stayed pointing at the threshold. So I ran out of air speed while still up in the air, and then came down pretty hard. And then I swerved sharp left to make it worse. I seem to consistently swerve a little left on my landings, but it had been getting less and less.