A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

soloed out of Brookline

November 27, 2011
Emilie Phillips

After surviving Thanksgiving day, the next day I had two more flight lessons. In the morning I flew with my local instructor. I had the option of either taking an easy day or trying for something harder. I opted for harder. So we worked on landings at Brookline. What improved things the most was covering up the air speed indicator so that I had to concentrate more on the feel and look of the airplane and the ground. Then my instructor declared I was good enough to try on my own. Getting ready to take off, I definitely felt more nervous than the first solo flight at Nashua. At Nashua, I had been concentrating most on staying at the correct altitude and talking to the control tower. Neither of those are life critical. At Brookline, I was most worried about not hitting the trees. The difference between the two airports is Nashua is 5500ft long whereas Brookline is 1900ft with trees at the end. The first landing went ok. I concentrated on not looking at the airspeed indicator much since that seemed to work better. The wind was a little bumpy which added to the excitement. The second landing was not so good. Even coming over the hill I was feeling a bit of roller coaster up and down. Then as I came over the swamp, the wind spun me sideways, I dropped a wing, mostly recovered, and decided I was not pointed at the runway anymore and really did not have a good plan for fixing that in the remaining 200ft, so I applied power and did a go around. The next time, I kept more speed as suggested by my instructor. He said the same gust did catch me again a little bit, but I managed to correct for it better and do a decent landing. After that I decided I was done. One of the neighbors congratulated me over the radio since he had heard the chit-chat.

Then that afternoon, I went to my lesson in the Cub and really did not do so well. We tried going to a different airport, and that was apparently too much. I could land fine at the normal one, but was not up for learning a new one.