A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

By the calendar it is winter, but it sure is brown. Until recently, it was even too warm for the ski areas to make snow. After canceling a few trips out, today was finally a go. Now, mind you, we did have to ski through the weeds and stop for the open water bars. There luckily were not too many rocks. I was doing really poorly at the top and Tyson was doing really well. He kept insisting (to cheer me up) that it was just his skis and bindings that were better, not that his technique was hugely superior. So, I took his skis and gave him mine. I did not become as awesomely good as he is, but I did get enough better to ski down with some grace. And Tyson’s technique did get a bit worse (though not as bad as mine) on my skis. So there might be something to this better equipment idea.

Photos, including Paul discovering a really scary snow snake.