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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

flying update

December 4, 2011
Emilie Phillips

After getting back from travel yesterday, I fit in a flying lesson. This one was just right around Brookline. I did two landings with the instructor to brush the rust off and then flew solo. I was mostly doing landings, but I also had a little bit of fun wiggling my wings. Unfortunately, on the last landing, I forgot to put my flaps down. (They increase drag and lift at lower speeds.) The airplane kept staying high. I ended up doing a slip to get it down, did a very nice controlled landing, and then discovered that I left the flaps up. So, good news, I had fun, bad news, I got distracted, good news, I flew the airplane even when it was acting funny.

Then today, my instructor thought I was ready to fly on my own from our airport south to the other one where we usually practice. I double checked charts, weather, winds, frequencies, everything I could think of. We did a little review before I headed out. In addition to being the first solo flight between two airports, this was also going to be the first time I pre-flighted the airplane without the instructor there to catch any stupid mistakes. So, I was trying to be very diligent and careful despite being really excited about the trip. My diligence was rewarded by finding a broken primer line. That grounded the airplane, and me. And now I am all bummed.