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Zealand Notch, not quite

January 8, 2012
Emilie Phillips

I went on my second AMC ski trip of this very brown winter. Actually, I co-led it, but it ended up being 4 leader types and one regular. All the unknowns bailed on account of the snow report.

Due to said snow report, everyone was on rock skis, which turned out to mean that everyone except Tyson and I were on waxables. That's the opposite of normal. Normally, I am the only one on wax. The snow was a little bit thin — or rather, there was only a little bit of snow. It was also quite moist, so it balled up on everyone's skis and would not properly stick to the waxable skis despite multiple rewaxing. The snow stuck too well to my scales, but there was not much I could do about it.

We skied up the closed road, scraping skis occasionally and skidding our poles across the slightly covered pavement. At the trail it got a little better. Then the ski trail forked off the hiking trail and we started skiing on mossy snow and open water crossings. When we got back to the hiking trail, it had exposed roots and wood steps. We stared at this for a bit and decided to take our skis off and walk the one section, but if we found another, we would turn around. It actually took two more impassable sections before we admitted defeat and had lunch.

On the run back down and out, the folks with waxable skis won handily as expected. Also, it had warmed up enough that some of our tracks from the morning had melted out. And it drizzled a little.

In summary, I got out with some friends and got some exercise. And we compared ourselves to the folks right after christmas taking their new snow shoes out on 2 inches of snow around town.


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