A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

more skiing

February 29, 2012
Emilie Phillips

This weekend Tyson and I did more skiing with my parents. Saturday was an easier Telemark trip. The original trip was planned to be tree skiing, but lacking a sizable base, we stuck to some class 4  roads with some snowmobile evidence prior to the most recent snow storm. We started out on one side of the ridge, skinned up to the top where we discovered howling wind, and then dropped down on the otherside where it turned out there was nicer snow. I spent the day being grumpy, but Mom and Dad thought the terrain and snow were just right for their skill level. Tyson and I ended up doing two short laps where everyone else did one longer lap. Dad seemed to enjoy his new skis. Mom and I swapped at the end of the trip. Her skis turn nicely, but they have an older style passive binding that is less forgiving of bad technique. Just in that short swap, I could see Mom's technique improving on my bindings.