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weeee! my neighbors rock

March 30, 2012
Emilie Phillips

One of my neighbors was out doing a few quick landings (ok, playing around with his airplane doing landing like tricks). I called him up on the radio and asked if he had space for passengers, so he took me up. He has a really fun airplane (ok, most of my neighbors do). We went and did all sorts of short field fun and flying around low. It's awesome watching the trees zip by. None of it was remotely within my skill level. I really hope some day it will be. I will need to learn how to fly a lot better, but I will also need to learn much more accurate judgement. The judgement issue is something I have noticed holding me back in other sports. I don't quite know where the limit is, and so I stay well on the cautious side of it. With rock climbing, I don't quite know if I will fall on a move, so I climb _really_ cautiously when leading. With skiing, it turns into terror of steeper slopes because I am not sure which ones will turn into long slidding falls. In kayaking, I push a little closer to the limit, but because I can't quite judge where it is, I end up punching holes in my boat or scaring Tyson to death. With flying, there are plenty of ways to kill yourself, but I really hope I can get good enough to know how much fun I can have safely. Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to keep putting my thumb out by the side of the runway.


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