A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Earth Day hike

April 25, 2012
Emilie Phillips

Actually, I was not paying attention to the fact that it was Earth Day. More, it was just that Saturday my calendar was full fo flying stuff, so I scheduled exercise for Sunday. I was hoping to go paddling, but when Sunday morning rolled around, Tyson was opposed to going paddling on what his forecast said was supposed to be a rainy miserable day. So instead I convinced him to go hiking.


He knew of a trail from downtown Peterborough up to the top of Pack Monadnock. It was put in sometime in the last few years and he had not yet hiked it. In particular he was curious if the lower portion was skiable.


Hiking out of town, we got to hear and see a fender bender. The second driver was probably distracted by us and another group of pedestrians bunched up and missed the car stopped to turn left. When they got out to exchange insurance, there was an amusing discussion of “hey do I know you from xxx?” Small town I guess.


Once off the roads and on the trail, we got a little bit decoyed by an older trail loop. Luckily it was a small loop so it did not take too long to figure out. From there the trail was easy to follow and frequently blazed. My one complaint would be that they did not do any construction of the treadway. They must have just put blazes through the woods. This means the trail will not hold up well to traffic or age. They did have nice log bridges everywhere it was wet.


It misted all morning, so we could not see any views. The scenic pond did have some critters on it, but given the conditions, we did not linger long. Farther, there was a recently logged section, but that is what you get from a trail running on mixed private land.


We were initially planning on turning around at the end of the new section of trail. That was the end of the rolling section. The older trail goes straight up the mountain. I really wanted to keep going. Tyson decided his knees were up for it. That was also where it transitioned from misting to light rain. I put my overmitts on in an attempt to keep my gloves dry.


Spring has progressed some, but there were not many flowers out yet. The white viburnum were the most prevalent. We saw one odd looking trillium.


We made it to the top just fine. No views except the inside of a cloud. We stopped in the shelter to take a break protected from the rain. On the way back down, Tyson went slowly but steadily. The rain also slowly but steadily increased. We did a lot less talking and more focus on walking. Eventually I declared it wet enough that I stashed my camera in my bag.


At one point, I realized I needed to make a decision right then over whether to put my rain pants on or not. Later and my pants would probably be too wet. I hemmed and hawed a little because my mental model of the predicted cold and soaking pants seemed about the same discomfort as overheating the whole way back from two sets of pants. I decided to go for wet. It turned out my model was just about right and only the last five minutes was I uncomfortably wet. Basically once we got back on the roads, we had less protection from the rain.


10 miles in all and most of it nice rolling terrain. Both Tyson and I came back happy. Even though hiking doesn’t have the thrill of some of the other sports I do, it can be quite nice.