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One exam left

April 3, 2012
Emilie Phillips

I finally got my FAA written exam done which means all I have left to get my license is the checkride flight with an examiner.

I had been trying to study on my own for the written exam, but I kept not getting it done. So paid for one of the two day crash courses this weekend. The class was narrowly focused on what you needed to know to pass the exam. I am pretty sure that the instructor was wrong on some of the topics outside of the exam. That being said, monday morning I took the written at my local testing center and passed. So, that's a relief.

It was interesting hearing the other student pilot's experiences. They all were from much larger airports. We had a combined group of people going for their private and commercial licenses. Of the private pilot folks, I think I had put the exam off the longest. At least one of the students had not even soloed yet. A number of the students were much more interested in jets and big planes than little airplanes.

The class was down south of Boston, so I stayed over at some friends house. Just hanging out with friends and chatting is fun. I wish I had more time and friends nearby so I could do it more often.


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Comments (2)

  • I’ve heard (via colohan who was complaining about this) the test includes questions where you’re supposed to answer something that is contrary to current practice. Is that what you mean about the instructor being wrong?

    And yeah — only terrorists want to fly but don’t care about passing the test.

    • The questions that are different than current practice are the weather services I believe.

      In this case, the instructor was wrong on things like what differentiates the different categories of airplanes and how the rules on homebuilts work.